Daily Record: May 2nd, 2023


Buckingham Palace*

The King and The Queen Consort this afternoon attended a Reception with Members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons at Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster, London SW1, in advance of Their Majesties’ Coronation, and were received at the North Door by the Lord Great Chamberlain (the Lord Carrington), the Lord Speaker (the Lord McFall of Alcluith), the Speaker of the House of Commons (the Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP) and the Lady Usher of the Black Rod (Ms Sarah Clarke).

Later, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP (Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia) was received in audience by The King.

The Rt Hon Justin Trudeau MP (Prime Minister of Canada) had an audience of His Majesty via video link.

Mr David Travis (Deputy Lieutenant of Essex) was present at Stansted Airport, London, today upon the Arrival of the Governor-General of Canada and welcomed Her Excellency on behalf of The King.

Kensington Palace

The Prince of Wales this afternoon received the Rt Hon Christopher Hipkins MP (Prime Minister of New Zealand) at Windsor Castle.

St James’s Palace

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh this morning visited the Big Venture Community Centre, 17 Chesterton Road, Wolverhampton, and were received by His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of West Midlands (Sir John Crabtree).

Their Royal Highnesses later visited Beatsabar Music Studios at Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton, and were received by Ms Pauline Black (Deputy Lieutenant of West Midlands).

The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron, and The Duchess of Edinburgh this afternoon visited the Royal School Wolverhampton, Penn Road, Wolverhampton, and were received by Mrs Christine Arthur (Deputy Lieutenant of West Midlands).

Their Royal Highnesses afterwards visited City of Wolverhampton College, Wellington Campus, Wellington Road, Wolverhampton, and were received by Dr Satya Sharma (Deputy Lieutenant of West Midlands).


The engagement undertaken on behalf of the King was added to the Court Circular on May 4th.

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